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Learning to dance can be exciting and even a little intimidating, so let us guide you through it gently. If you’re interested in getting started immediately with private lessons, we’re offering new adult students a free one. It’s 30 minutes and will give you a chance to experience the school first hand to get a sense of who we are. At that time, you’ll perhaps find out why more people ‘Facebook Like’ our studio more than any other in the GTA. We’ll show you two or three different dance steps in a couple of different dances and we’ll move at your pace. Once you decide whether to continue or not, we offer the next two private lessons (45 minutes) for $99+HST. These lessons will consist of learning more steps in the different dances. These classes are not designed for choreography/wedding dances, advanced dancers or people just wanting to join in on groups, but just for beginners to move around the dance floor for the first time with basics steps. We offer both styles of dance – American and International and no partner, experience, talent or age is required! We teach children as early as four and adults well into their 80’s! You may have heard about the relationship with diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. We honor the process and are here to consciously help. If private lessons aren't your thing we have group classes and parties. Just scroll down a little bit further for more info. On another note, did you know that Melina and Glen set the world record by dancing a Waltz on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro? It was the highest altitude for anyone to ever dance a waltz. You just never know where you're going to use your dancing. See you on the dance floor!


Meet our Team of able professionals.

Glen Michael

Glen Michael became an instant success when joining the Ballroom industry in 1997. Now a judge and President/Founder of the National Ballroom Academy, his specializing skills are second to none in getting new students off on the right foot in their dancing.

Melina Xu

Professional Instructor
Melina Xu is a multi-faceted artist. Melina’s dance style combines years of experience as a performer, choreographer, teacher and fitness instructor. She has been trained in over 20 different dances.

Mark Shpuntov

Professional Instructor
Mark Shpuntov is passionate about bringing fun and excitement to every lesson he teaches. He prides himself on both the progress his students make as well as the laughter and joy they experience during the lessons

Jason Ng

Professional Instructor
Jason Ng has been Ballroom and Latin dancing since he was in his teens, competing in the junior categories rising through the levels and winning many competitions along the way. He has trained with some of the best Ballroom and Latin instructors in the world.

Irina Khanova

Professional Instructor
Irina Khanova currently specializes in teaching children. Gifted with a kind and caring personality, she was recently crowned the Starlight 10 Dance Champion with her partner Yvan Piwovarov.

Farrah De Luca

Professional Instructor
Farrah De Luca began social dancing in 1999, and partner dancing soon became her favorite pastime. She started off taking salsa group classes and went out dancing almost every night.

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