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Learning to dance can be exciting and even a little intimidating, so let us guide you through it gently.

If you’re interested in getting started immediately, we’re offering new adult students a free Private lesson.

It’s 30 minutes and will give you a chance to experience the school first hand to get a sense of who we are. At that time you’ll perhaps find out why more people ‘Facebook Like’ our studio more than any other in the GTA. We’ll show you two or three different dance steps in a couple of different dances and we’ll move at your pace. Once you decide whether to continue or not, we offer the next two private lessons (45 minutes) for $99+HST. These lessons will consist of learning more steps in the different dances. These classes are not designed for choreography/wedding dances or advanced dancers but just for beginners to move around the dance floor for the first time with basics steps. We offer both styles of dance – American and International and no partner, experience, talent or age is required! We teach children as early as four and adults well into their 80’s! You may have heard about the relationship with diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers. We honour the process and are here to consciously help.

See you on the dance floor!

This week’s Drop In Classes

Friday Aug 18th – 7:30 – Drop In Rumba Group followed by our Social Dance
Saturday Aug 19th – 7:30 – Drop In Swing Group followed by our Social Dance

If you’re really just looking to have some fun and want to socialize and get out of the house, join our Friday or Saturday night drop in group classes/socials which start at 7:30 both nights. It’s 2 1/2 hours for only $10/person.  It’s less expensive than a movie and a lot more productive.

We cater to many different age groups and these evenings consist of an hour of group instruction followed by 90 minutes of general dancing. Again, no  partner, experience, talent or age is required.

New 10 Week Progressive Classes starting soon!!

Aug 29th 7:30 Tuesdays      Salsa   Intermediate Level 2

Aug 31st 7:30 Thursday      Strictly Salsa Newcomer Level 2
Aug 31st   8:15 Thursday    Waltz Newcomer Level 3

Sept 11th   7:00 Mondays     Bachata Newcomer Level 1

Sept 11th   9:00 Mondays       Strictly Salsa – Newcomer – Level 1

Sept 12th   7:30 Tuesdays     Basic Latin (Cha Cha/Rumba/Swing)

Sept 12th   8:15 Tuesdays     Argentine Tango – Newcomer Level 1

Sept 14th   6:45 Thursday     Basic Ballroom (Waltz/Tango/Foxtrot)

Sept 12th   6:45 Fridays     Basic Latin (Cha Cha/Rumba/Swing)

Oct 2nd     8:00 Monday       Intermediate Level 1 Dance TBD
Oct 3rd   6:45 Tuesday         Basic Ballroom Level 2
Oct 5th   9:00 Thursday       Salsa  Newcomer Level 2
Oct 16th   7:30 Monday         Silver Classes  Dance TBD

All courses are 10 weeks.

Early Bird $150+HST/Person (3 weeks before start of program)

Regular Price$165+HST

If you know at the time of booking you will be missing a class, we will give up a make-up dance party to be used during the dates of the course

Looking for something different? How about joining in with our Belly Dancing, Dance Fitness or Tai Chi Classes?

Join in on North America’s first Dancetracker – Track your own dance progress! Coming Soon.


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phone: 905 763 2623

We have created the world’s first App that allows you to track your ptogress by keeping track of the patterns you’ve learnt!

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